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Printer IP8720 doesn't print to edge, 5x7 matte paper



I've been having this issue for a while. About 85% of the time my IP8720 wont print to the edge of my matte 5x7 paper.

The printer settings are set to full bleed (borderless), photo printing, high quality, with the borders extended. I've tried printing from photoshop, and CSP, with the trays all the way extended, or retracted. I've tried feeding paper in one at a time, or in small groups, nothing is working. It seems as though the printer pulls the paper forward too far, then backs it up, but not enough because it still prints too high on the page and leaves a white bottom edge. I've also tried printing with the 'paper weight' disabled and enabled, it does nothing. 

I've tested out glossy paper it has a similar issue, though not as bad.

I've also tested out printing on standard printing with high quality printing and the matte paper settings. I get slightly better results with only 40% chance of a misprint, but it's still too high when I need to print these for a small business. 

Larger sizes print fine, it's only the 5x7s. 

Any help or advice would be great, thank you! 

Printing on a Dell, windows 10, from either Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint.