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Print Head for Cannon Pixma G620 MegaTank


I purchased my printer last January, but up until now it's been used sparingly. I now need to use it to print art prints, stickers etc. (what it was initially purchased for) and the black ink has crapped out on me.

I did several cleanings, followed all the instructions in the guides and nothing worked. I finally did a flush as a last resort and now the gray ink doesn't show up on the Nozzle check and the black ink, while no longer showing line, is faded. I'm so frustrated right now tbh. This printer is nearly new, it's been used a handful of times until now.

In any case, I decided to purchase a new print head to resolve the issue entirely. The problem is that I can't find them ANYWHERE. Even Cannon is sold out of it, and being that there isn't even a picture for the product listing, I have a feeling it may not come back? 

Does anyone know where I can get a new printhead for this stupid thing?

I appreciate any help!



It's harder than it should be. The part numbers are CH-21R and CH-21L and you can purchase them by calling the parts department. Before they'll let you speak to the parts department, you have to have registered your printer. I just ordered both, so both are in stock. 

I'm so sorry you had such a hard time. Our parts desk number is 866-481-2569.