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Pixma ix6820 -- any way to unclog heads besides the "cleaning" routines?


I've put my Pixma through numerous cleaning and deep cleaning cycles and, whenever I print a test page, they always look the same, with the same faint areas for black and streaks in the colors. I tried manually aligning the print heads, and this seems to have helped, but only for cyan, which is the only color that is displayed and thus the only one I can adjust. If I had access to the other colors and the PGBK head, I might be able to solve this problem. But I don't seem to have any choice of which color(s) to select.


I've looked for any info about how to move to the next deeper level in cleaning the heads, but I can't find anything. The printer is 3 years old and has worked faithfully for light duty, mostly b\&w peinrouts, but it is now useless for printing any sort of color document or photo. Time to pack it in and get another printer, or is there some hope of reviving  it?




Product Expert
Product Expert


Since the cleanings did not resolve the issue, there may be a issue with the print head and your printer would need to be replaced. 

Since the printer is out of warranty, you would qualify for the Canon Upgrade program. This is for out of warranty units which have been diagnosed to require service or are incompatible with a new or upgraded system. This program allows you the opportunity to purchase a replacement product discounted from the list price. Free ground shipping is included with your purchase. 

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please call our Sales Department at (866) 443-8002 Mon-Sat, 9 AM to 9pm EST.

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