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Pixma TS 6020 - CANNOT recognize ink tanks error 1660


This is ridiculous. I have already tried every single suggested fix for this that I could find on this forum.

NOTHING has worked. I have now spent almost 2 hours this morning to get it to work. Not one single ink slot light will turn on to indicate that that the new one was recognized even thought they were all lit but blinking before. HOW ON EARTH can the simple task of taking out a tank and replacing it with OFFICIAL Canon tanks render every single slot ineffective!? Since one of the tips for fixing was to replace every tank, not only do I now have a useless doorstop of a "printer", I've also wasted $60+ of brand new tanks. Why even make the tanks replacable when this thing is such a touchy piece of garbage that the fragile print head can't even survive a single tank swap? Just ship them with larger on-board tanks and the seal the unit. This one lasted about a year. AND it's been my 5th printer in just over 5 years. Don't feel too bad Canon. I've now exhausted every personal printer brand and they all churn out garbage that barely makes it past 1 year of use.

Unfortunately I have a business that I run from home and when I get orders, I have to be able to print labels that same day.

So annoying.




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Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi crofootn,


I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with the tanks being detected. If you are having problems being detected you can review the link HERE for a video walking you through the ink tank replacement.


IF you continue to have problems with the 1660 error, feel free to give us a call for support at 1-800-652-2666. Our phone agents would be happy to assist with resolving the issue for you. To asssit further with your issue in this forum, we would need some additional information.


1. When you close the lid, does the 1660 error point to any specific ink tanks? If it does, what tanks does the error point to?


2. What is the model number for the replacement tanks?