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Pixma TR7520 Adds a thick black line to one side of all of my copies/scans - before I print them!


Hi! This is not an issue of the glass or the ink rollers being dirty.... and it's been driving me nuts!!  But I've never had time to deal with it!

Every time I go to make a copy (or scan) with my Pixma TR 7520, the printer adds a thick black line all the way down only one side of the document.  And the line is inserted before I even print it -- when I hit "preview" it's there.

I have tried changing the size of the document, have tried Standard, and Borderless...and it's always there!  I can't find anything in any kind of settings.

I'm so hoping there is a genius out there who has figured this out.

thank you!



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi skbentley,

Are you scanning by placing the original face down on the scan glass?

If so, have you tried using the automatic document feeder?

Would you attach an example of your scan to your reply to this post?







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