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Canon G3260 Mac Printer Dialog no Color Intensity/Contrast Adjust Control


Canon G3260 Mac Printer Dialog no Color Intensity/Contrast Adjust control

According to Canon Docs for G3000 series printer, there should be a Color adjust on the system printer dialog, but there isn't 😞

I ordered some official canon glossy photo paper to see if that fixes the too light colors on regular copy paper. Perhaps it's just a paper issue that can't be helped. But the control should be there for Mac printers regardless. It has the Color intensity/contrast controls on my Windows 7 computer.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi dovo329,

The link that you provided was for a different series of printers, the G3000 series.

The G3000 series does have a Mac printer driver from Canon, which provides the adjustments that you see in the manual.

The printer that you own is part of the G3060 series.  The manual can be viewed here:

The G3060 series uses the Mac's built in printing system, Airprint.

The color contrast or intensity control would be provided by the app that you are printing from, if available.







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OK, different series. I found that the glossy photo ii paper made the black look much darker and better. I found the contrast/color intensity doesn't help the black darkness, as the ink can only print so black on a given paper type. And I can adjust contrast/color intensity in GIMP.

I suppose it's the pigment black instead of dye black that is making it less dark. So, since I shouldn't switch ink types due to black print head being designed for pigment, then I should just get nice coated paper if I want the blacks to be darker.