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Pixma Mg3000 paper jam error



I have the Canon Pixma mg3000 ink tank (or whatever it's called) and it randomly threw an error code saying there's a paper jam and after taking the paper out of the back tray and making sure there was no paper jammed in it. I have opened the "lid" and checked to see if there is any paper in there and there isn't. I have tried the unplug it and pressing the power button to "reset" it or whatever and it stills says paper jam 1300. I don't know what to do I am 100% sure there is no paper jam what can I do to either reset the printer so it forgets the error code or how can I fix it. I use this printer for my small business. so please I will try anything and thank you in advance for the help.




You'd be surprised how easy it is to miss some jams.  Just a corner of a single sheet of paper can cause a problem.


Other times we remove jams more forceably and this too can cause issues with a sensor.  I would recommend using a flashlight to reinspect for a jam or obstruction.    

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So I finally fixed it but had to take the whole printer apart and found that there was a tiny picture had fallen into the paper feed and was stuck at the rollers where I couldn't see it. I knew I didn't have a paper jam I have never had paper jam with this printer so I made sure to tell my husband to not put anything on the lid of the scanner anymore. Ty guys for all your help
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