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Pixma MX922 printing blank pages


My Pixma MX922 has suddenly started printing nothing but blank pages. It doesn't matter whether I try and print on letter or photo paper. I've done a dozen deep cleanings to no avail. I went on YouTube to learn how to remove and clean the print head. Still no difference.


This printer is only 2½ years old. I'm astounded that it has stopped working, especially since I thought Canon was a premium brand. I've Googled the problem and I'm really surprised how wide spread it is. What I'm trying to find out is if anyone has ever solved the problem, or whether this is another $85 down the toilet.


I've talked to Tech Support and they suggested a new print head. As I said, I removed and cleaned the print head and still got nothing but blank pages. I don't want to throw good money after bad, especially since I've yet to read of one user who replaced the print head and fixed the problem.


So, the question is open to this fine forum: has anyone actually fixed the problem of a Pixma MX922 printing blank pages? If you'd be kind enough to share the solution, I'd sure appreciate it, as I'm sure many others would as well.


Thanks to all!


have you tried taking out all the ink cartridges at once and then unplugging it and plugging it back in? sounds crazy I know but it worked for a lot of us myself included.

@PDIT wrote:

I have seen this problem with many of the Canon 5 & 6 cartridge inkjet printer models. The symptom is that the printer suddenly stops printing ink onto the page even though the cartridges all contain ink and the print-head is not blocked. By suddenly, I mean one printjob prints perfect and the next is totally blank.  Printing out a nozzle test also results in a completely blank page.


This appears to be a software issue and I have rectified this many times on multiple printers using the following method to "reboot" the software after clearing the internal memory. Note this does NOT apply if printhead is blocked with dried ink!


  1. Open the access to the cartridges with the printer on.
  2. Remove all the cartridges
  3. Pull the power cable and USB cable from the printer to trun it off leaving the printhead in position
  4. Press and hold the power button to clear any remaining charge from the powerpack
  5. Pull or lift the retaining bar from the printhead cradle and remove the printhead
  6. Check for damage or foreign objects like pieces of paper just in case!
  7. Replace printhead and return retaining bar to lock position
  8. Replace cartridges
  9. Close access cover
  10. Reconnect printer to power cord. (at least 1 minute should have elapsed since step 4.)
  11. Turn printer on
  12. Navigate to setup menu and print a nozzle test page. If all ok continue. If still blank then try the above again or call canon support or just give up on this printer.
  13. If test page is showing some or all test bars then the memory problem has been solved.
  14. Reconnect USB cable if used.

Note that steps 5-7 are not always necessary but it does force the printer to go through additional boot-up sequence and seems to be neccessary sometimes.


Good luck!

Hi PDIT, thank you for your suggestions. I worked for me without having to touch the print head...

- Power on, lift cartridge housing gate, remove cratridges;

- Power off;

- Unplug power cord;

- Replace cartridges;

- Plug in power cord;

- Power on;

- Press OK on any MX920 procressing notifications;


After that the printing works fine. Having said that, let's see how it goes in the next few days.


So I've gone through many different step and the nozzle test prints just fine, but when I go and try and print a document or even scan and print a copy it is still "printing" blank documents. Any thoughts/suggestions/help?


After trying every potential fix listed on this forum, my MX922 is still printing nothing but blank pages.


I finally gave in and called Canon support. After spending 10 minutes convincing the tech that I had already done everything he wanted me to try (multiple times), he asked about the ink cartridges. He is convinced that the problem is that I am not using OEM cartridges (which I've never used in the 2 years I've owned the printer). He said that non-OEM cartridges can "lose connection" abruptly (in my case literally between pages of a document).


The only fix, according to him/Canon, is to buy a set of OEM Canon ink cartridges. Of course, buying a full set of OEM cartridges is a minimum $60 expense and more typically $70+. However, I have found deals on several comparable printers for $60-100, so am not interested in throwing another $60+ at this printer.


I did try replacing all ink cartridges at the same time with a matching set of non-OEM "compatible" cartridges (like I've always used), and still no luck. 


I hope something works better for you. Thanks to everyone who took the time to post potential fixes. Always worth a try before sending this expensive brick off to be recycled! 

I have used nothing but canon ink cartridges on this mx922 and it just stop printing.  So the tech is full of BS!  I have no error code, just nothing prints or copies.  My last printer was a canon MP500 and I loved it, that too went the way of just stopping printing.  I guess I will have to buy a cheap printer so when it fails I won't be out all this money and feel bad about putting it in the junk pile.  I only use the printer a couple times a week and poof, not worth the money.  I have tried all the recommendations on this site and nothing!  I have not bought a new head, because I will probably get another day or two out of it after that.


Here is a weird twist: Our Canon MX922 has started printing only blank pages from my computer. But my husband was able to print with no problem. We both have MacBook Air computers.


I reinstalled the driver, but it didn't help.


Had this problem printing from notepad...blank page

Printed to PDF and print from Adobe ... blank page

Copy from Notepad and paste to Excel ... printed fine.

Tried printing from notepad ... blank page

Changed font in Notepad...printed fine !!!

Changed back to original font in notepad...printed fine!!!


So my guess is that that font in the printer's memory was blank, so it was effecively printing every chanracter as a space.

My MX922 now lives in a landfill having been replaced with an Epson 2750. I've never looked back. You may or may not be right about the font issue, but so many people have experienced this problem that it's no longer worth the effort to even try and fix it.


For the record, this is the second Canon product that has fallen apart in a short time. I'll never invest in a Canon product again.


Not sure if someone provided this answer already, but I downloaded and reinstalled the printer driver and it fixed my problem of blank pages...


Hope this help someone.

Thanks for this link as it worked for me also.
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