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Pixma MX922 printing blank pages


My Pixma MX922 has suddenly started printing nothing but blank pages. It doesn't matter whether I try and print on letter or photo paper. I've done a dozen deep cleanings to no avail. I went on YouTube to learn how to remove and clean the print head. Still no difference.


This printer is only 2½ years old. I'm astounded that it has stopped working, especially since I thought Canon was a premium brand. I've Googled the problem and I'm really surprised how wide spread it is. What I'm trying to find out is if anyone has ever solved the problem, or whether this is another $85 down the toilet.


I've talked to Tech Support and they suggested a new print head. As I said, I removed and cleaned the print head and still got nothing but blank pages. I don't want to throw good money after bad, especially since I've yet to read of one user who replaced the print head and fixed the problem.


So, the question is open to this fine forum: has anyone actually fixed the problem of a Pixma MX922 printing blank pages? If you'd be kind enough to share the solution, I'd sure appreciate it, as I'm sure many others would as well.


Thanks to all!


I have the same problem, worked fine one day, completely blank pages the next, and I have tried all these steps mentioned and then some. 


The only clue I have is that while performing the "Print Head Alignment" maintence function, I get the "Auto Head align has Failed", Support Code 2500.

I searched for a resolution for that on the forum and tried their suggestion of Manually align the print head, which still failed. 


Any other ideas?  I reached out to Canon via email and they sent back a generic, "Do you know if your ink cartidges are loaded correctly..." email, no help even after I explained all the steps I had already tried.



I hate to sound so cynical, but Support doesn't know why this is happening, so they revert to a script that's an equivalent of, "Is it plugged in, is it turned on?"


I've reached the conclusion that this is simply bad engineering. I also think it was brought on by not using genuine Canon cartridges. With regret, I threw my printer in the garbage as it wasn't printing at all and was simply worthless. I decided to speak to Canon with my wallet and purchased an Epson as a replacement. I won't invest my hard earned money in Canon again.

Ive always used the proper Canon cartridges,no generics, and I'm still having nothing but blank pages even when I try to copy.


Hi. Did you try the process described in my post above (1/25/20)?  It worked for me. It was based on a previous post by magarzamichael. Good luck!

My method above is only applicable if all cartridges have ink, the cartridge chip is reading that they have ink and the printer was printing ok within the last few days (ie the printhead has not dried out). It works by completely re-booting the software that drives the printhead and also by removing and replacing the printhead, the large number of electronic contacts to the print-head are re-seated.


Re-aligning the printhead will do nothing because the printer has to print alignment blocks onto a page and scan them to make any adjustments, so if there is nothing printed on the page there is nothing to scan!  Obviously the same for a manual printhead alignment which asks you to look at alignment blocks printed on the page.


If a complete software re-boot as I described above (not missing any steps) does not work then the printhead may have died (it is a user replacable consumable part) and can be replaced. However most likely cheaper to replace the printer.


Thanks for the info.  I spoke with Canon support who basically said the same thing.  That it was likely a circuitry issue with the printhead, I could bring it to a certified Canon services center but most likely not worth the expense.  Guess it's time for a new printer

Removing cartridges & the printhead usually remedies this issue for my office printer. Just did this on Friday, printed fine over the weekend, print one page this morning, then blank pages after that. I had to do this printhead removal twice today to get it to print again. 
Canon: We just need these printers to print ink on the page! How hard can that be? HP is on my boycott list, You are skirting it for now. I will have to replace this printer soon & just bought this one a couple years ago.  Planned obsolescence will just make us buy another brand. 
At home, my husband's old HP from 2001 is still working fine!! I will never replace it- well - until I can't buy ink for it I guess.
I purchased the last HP I had for my office two years before this Canon, which only worked for two it seems two years is now the new standard.  We keep filling up the landfills because of your greed. LAME. LAME. LAME.

Our brand new MX922, is mixing blank pages in with other printed pages. I printed 7 pages yesterday and they printed fine with the exception that there were 4 blanks between the 2nd and 3rd page. What causes this?

Hi @fr8hlr, If the inserted blank pages were just "extras" inserted and you also got all the requested pages printed, then this is a paper feed issue. This is where several pages may feed together instead of being separated properly for printing.  This can happen for several reasons but the most common are:


  1. The paper edges are not flat (or a corner bent) that stops them from easily separating - solve by flattening out bend corners and fanning paper before replacing back in tray.
  2. The paper has absorbed moisture from the air and the sheets do not "slip"past each other as they should. - solve by replacing with fresh paper or at least fanning paper (to get air between the sheets so they slip easier) and replacing.  Old paper doesn't feed very well.
  3. The paper feed roller and corresponding friction edge of the tray are dirty or dusty and are not gripping the pages as they should. - Solve by cleaning front edges of paper tray and rubber feed roller with q-tip moistened with water or iso-propanol. Let dry before using.
  4. The paper guides are not set to the correct position for the paper size. - solve by adjusting guides to marked positions. especially the page length guide should not be closed up any further than the marked size.


PDIT, with all respect, your solution isn't the problem. Multiple users have had this issue, including me, and it does appear to be linked to using non-Canon ink replacements. I agree with other users who have thrown their Pixma MX922 printers in the garbage, as I have. There is no reason to repair an inexpensive printer that requires expensive ink. I replaced ours with an Epson Expression ET-2750 EcoTank and couldn't be happier.


I've been screwed by Canon products twice, and they've definitely lost me as a customer.

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