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Pixma MX922 drops off network, what ports need to be opened


Pixma MX922 keeps dropping from my wireless network - no matter what I do to configure. Called Canon support and they were not able to resolve issue (offered to replace printer, prefer not to do this - only as last resort).


I attempted ALL the standard items to resolve (re-install printer, drivers, make static IP (NO DHCP leasing - and my DHCP lease time on router is set to max. time of 2 weeks anyway...), made sure of no firewall issues, etc., etc.) but printer keeps doing this. Can ping the ip, etc., so I know that it exists, but UNLESS I POWER the printer OFF / ON - anything I sent to it will just sit in print queue.  Once I power it off / on - all printing is fine  - only for a few hours or next day - until it happens again...


Somewhere on this forum another user stated that he resolved the problem by contacting Canon support and they told him specific Ports on his router that had to be opened in order to fix the issue of the printer dropping off wireless network (* he must have had a better tech than the ones I spoke with...).


Does anyone on this forum know the ports that must be open on the router?  Possibly one or two higher number ip ports such as 1020, or 25466, etc. ?


Thank you to anyone who may know this and provide.

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