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Pixma MX922 can scan from utility on PC, not from machine display

New Contributor

I have been able to scan to my machines by placing documents on the platen directly and hitting scan.


Two days ago, it stopped scanning from the machine. I would place a document, insure that the PC was available, click Black & White scan, and I would observe the "Please wait momentarily". The scan never occurs, and it returns to the menu without asking if I want to place another document on the tray.


But I could go on the utility on my Mac and execute a scan.


I did run out of ink recently, but have since refilled it. I saw a post that holding the Stop button for five seconds will turn off the ink reservoir sensor on another Canon model -- it didn't work, but was easy enough to try. I thought that should rule out ink being the culprit.


Is there a reset method for being able to scan from the display again? I don't want to lose that feature, as it is how I use the MFP primarily.



Reputable Contributor

Hi kujotx!


To have a better understanding of your issue, please let everyone know what operating system (Windows Vista/7/8 or Mac OS 10.X) you are using. That way, community will be able to assist you with suggestions appropriate for your product.


If this is an urgent support need, please CLICK HERE to reach our friendly Technical Support Team.

New Contributor

Sure! Mac OSX 10.9.3.

But, the operating system is meaningless at this point.


If you read above, I want to press the scan button on the MPF display and have it scan. 


At present, the scan button does nothing -- it tells me to wait momentarily, then returns to the Scan start screen.


I can initiate a scan from my Mac, but that's not my problem. I want the MPF scan button to work again.

New Contributor

It was user error -  I need to confirm that the target machine had the utility running.


After scanning to a USB, I had concluded that the scanning utility was not required to scan to the PC. I expected the MX922 would at least attempt to scan and fail on the save.


I understand now that you require the TWAIN drivers to get to save to the target machine.



New Contributor

A really lame way for Canon to do things!


The MX922 should start the drivers automatically!


I replaced a MX860 with this unit, and find the PC interface very user unfriendly.

New Contributor

I am having the exact same problem.  I had successfully been able to scan from my machine, but all then yesterday, I was no longer able to scan from my machine.  I am still able to scan from the software on my PC.  I am running windows 7 enterprise and am connected via USB.