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Pixma MX892 printing Cyan as Blue and Blue as Purple


Here is the image I'm trying to print from Inkscape:




And here is what gets printed out:




it's not even close... what can I do to solve this problem?  I bought this printer because I was told how great the color quality was.


Rising Star

Hi Jakobud,


It looks like it's the right color, but too dark, making it the wrong shade.  If this were a picture ther would be some tweaking in the driver that would help, but since this is such a simple graphic, my best recommendation would be to adjust the picture's brightness.  What you see on the screen isn't always what you get.  The printed image will always be darker than the monitor, simply because the monitor has lighting and paper does not, but since the issue appears to be related to the brightness of the colors, I would say that increasing the brightness in the image should help getting it to look the way you want.

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I'm having just about the same problem - When my CMYK photos were printing with weird colors, I tried printing just a square of 100% magenta.  It came out looking like about 75-85% magenta with quite a bit of yellow and some black or cyan. It looks like Jakobud's image has extra magenta added to cyan where there was none in her/his document.  What the heck?  My photos are coming out with extra yellow and not enough magenta, just like my magenta square.  I don't see a way to access the driver, other than through ColorSync, and I wouldn't know what to do there.


I have the MP280 and am on a Mac running OSX 10.6.8


i have the same problem!


coming from a canon mx860 which recently died, first thing i noticed with this new printer is how dark the photos came out. with the mx860 printer output was almost close with the monitor and now its disappointing... makes me want to return to store.


any help would be appreciated.