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Pixma MP495 No CD/Cable

Hi! I have a Pixma MP495 printer, but I don't have the set up CD or USB cable. I read about how to set up the wifi using an access point. Is it possible to use the printer without the USB cable? Perhaps using the app?

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi! Thanks for your contributions to our Canon Community. Your questions are very important.


You don't need the setup disk to install the printer and set up the wireless connection. However, you will need a standard USB (2.0) printer cable if you want to use a Windows PC to setup the network connection. These USB cables are available at stores that sell printers and computers. These cables have A and B connectors: one end is rectangular and the other is square.


If you have a PC that is running Windows XP through Windows 10, you can download the setup program from the following website:

Please download and install the MP495 series MP Drivers Ver. 1.03 (listed under RECOMMENDED DRIVERS). Once downloaded, you will need to run the program to start the setup.


If you want to use this printer as a scanner, you will also need to download and install a program called the MP Navigator EX from the same website. After you download the driver, go back to the website and click on the tab that says SOFTWARE (right next to the red tab that says DRIVERS) to find the MP Navigator program. The rest of the software is optional.


If you have a Mac computer that is running Mac OS X Tiger V.10.4 through macOS Sierra Ver. 10.12, you will need a USB cable to set up the printer's wireless connection. Before you can use the cable to set up the connection, you will need to download the Printer Driver and a program called the IJ Network Tool. Here is a link to our website:

Please download and install the MP495 series CUPS Printer Driver (listed under RECOMMENDED DRIVERS). Once the driver is installed, go back to the same website, click on the tab that says SOFTWARE (right next to the red tab that says DRIVERS), and download the IJ Network Tool. The MP Navigator EX program is needed for scanning. The rest of the software is optional.


The following link has instructions that will help you use a Mac computer and the IJ Network Tool to set up the printer's network connection:


If you do not have a USB cable and you are unable to purchase or borrow one, you can try using the WPS Setup Method to set up the printer's network connection. If your router has a WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button, please click on the following link for instructions that will help you:

After you set up the connection, you will need to go to our website (using the first link in this post) to download the MP495 series MP Drivers (for Windows PCs) or the MP495 series CUPS Printer Driver (for Mac computers). You should also consider installing the MP Navigator program.



We do not have a driver or software for Mac computers that are running the latest operating systems (macOS High Sierra Ver. 10.13 and macOS Mojave Ver. 10.14.) If your computer is running either of these operating systems, you are eligible for a discount on a new or refurbished printer through our Canon Upgrade Program. If you use this program to purchase a replacment printer, you will qualify for free shipping. If you're interensted, please call toll free 1(866) 443-8002 seven days a week, 8:00 A.M. to Midnight (Eastern Time). Let our sales agent know that you visited our community page and the Canon Upgrade Program was offered.