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Pixma MG7520 turns on but shuts off before I can access menu


My Canon MG7520 was working perfectly until yesterday. It kept shutting itself off yesterday. Today it would start the process of turning on, but turn off before it would get to the menu. I know it's getting older, but it's worked so well until now. Is there anything I can do?



Your satisfaction is important to us, and we apologize for any inconvenience you may be experiencing.  A firmware update is available to fully resolve this issue.   You can download the firmware update and find easy installation instructions HERE.  Just click where it says "Software & Drivers" to get started.

[Link updated.]

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They actually do:

"If your printer is either power cycling (repeatedly powering on and off on its own) or if it turns off shortly after powering on, please unplug your wireless router before beginning this process."

I have an MG7550 and this is currently happening to me to. I had to turn off Wifi on the printer and I can only print via ethernet but would like Canon to add this model to the firmware update list, if possible. Thank you

You don't need their firmware update. You just need to change your DNS to .001.  Find my "EASY FIX" post

Ok, tks so much, I didnt notice. Now I did your fix and its running fine so far 🙂 Regards

Yes, it works like a breeze on a hot summer day while kicking back in my hammock sipping a Mint-Julip. Yes, your fix was that good! I like to control my DNS through out my home network so I used the Canon fix so I could reset my DNS to my home settings. No offense meant. Your fix and your assistance was timely, fantastic, spot on, functional, probably saved lives by getting medical facilities and pharmacies back in business. I had to print financial documents and get them in the mail within a few hours of your advice. You are still an angel and saved me money and time in ways you can only imagine. And yes, you are right there was no need to "fix" the issue any further except for my OCD convictions and my feeling it wasn't quite "finished". Always had problems with O.C.D. shouldn't that be C.D.O.? Leave it to psycho-babelists (Psychologists) to give an analysis of a psychological  disorder dealing with a problem where things out of order cause neurologic events and stress where the diagnosis is an acronym amalgamation which in itself is out of order! (It is "A.B.C" NOT "C.A.B."!!!! morons)😁

How can I do the firmware upgrade without a computer and wifi?



What do you mean when you say 'reset it'? I have done what you did, then connected usb to PC...still no response. Out of ideas!

If your printer keeps turning off still, your wifi network is probably still on. Make sure that your WiFi router is unplugged completely and that any other WiFi hotspot in the house that it may connect to is OFF. 

Then try to turn on the printer. If it stays on as it should, you can then go to the LAN settings directly on the printer and turn LAN OFF if you want to connect via USB, or do Sheri99's DNS fix if you want to connect via network still. If you choose to connect via USB, keep in mind you will have to most likely have to re add the printer in Windows as a local USB printer since it was a network printer before. 

My mg6620 is doing the exact same thing!. It was off today, turned on and it started this, this afternoon. What ticks me off, is that I just got a new printhead last month. Had mine for 5 years.

Exact same thing happened to me.  If I unplug my internet and wifi I am able to turn printer on and can print via usb. If I plug wifi and internet back in print shuts off and will not turn back on. I shut my wifi setting off in the printer so it can not automatically connect. This is a work around for now. I truly believe Canon definitely is doing something via internet with their printers.

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