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Pixma MG 6230 does not shutdown. Gives wait shutdown message all night long.


Recently I have been unable to shutdown printer.  Have pressed buttons but get message that it is shutting down and to wait.  After 12 hours, printer still has same message.  I cut power to unit and repower up and it restarts but tells me not to kill power unless I use proper shutdon procedures.  I updated firmware to 2.010 but still have same problem.  I have had the printer for 1.5 years or so and this started recently.


Rising Star
Is it plugged directly into outlet or a power strip?

It is plugged into a power strip and has been for over 9 months with no problem.  This started recently.

Have you tried plugging it directly into a wall outlet? It sounds like a power issue

Could not reach the wall outlet but did remove some items plugged into the strip and tried it.  It shutdown OK.  Will see if it does so when I close down my computer tonight.  If not then that was the problem.  If it does act up then I will be back.


Alright, hope it helps!
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