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Pixma G620 can't use Photo settings for large prints.


I recently got the Pixma G620 printer. So I got a roll of photo paper to print some panorama images.  I used Photo Paper Glossy II for media type setting, that works with my first image which is 8.5x19 turns out great. For my second image which is 8.5x29 I got an alert stating I can't use that setting combination and have to set it to Plain Paper with standard quality.  Well the quality sucks with plain paper setting, it prints very fast vs photo paper settings.  Playing around with the settings seems like the max length I can use photo paper settings is 26 inches, I even tried other photo media types and only with  Plain Paper I can go beyond 26 inches. 

Why can't I go beyond 26 inches with Photo media Settings? Only after I did a print calibration using x-rite I was able to get decent results but I rather have the results using the photo media setting. 

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