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Pixma G6020 No Longer Prints in Black


This printer was working great until a couple days ago when the black started to fade, and now it doesn't print black at all.  I've tried all the cleaning and deep cleaning steps and nothing works.  Please help! 


Some sources say to perform an ink flush, for me that didn't work because the printer wouldn't do it - it was just stuck in whatever mode it was in. But try that first. If it won't do the ink flush, move on to a basic cleaning, following by one or two cycles of deep cleaning. Try printing after each step and see what happens. Sometimes it starts working again after a basic clean, sometimes it needs one cycle of deep clean, sometimes two. Hope this works for you!


I can print my pages in photo mode and it works fine. Not as crisp as I would like but it gets me by. I haven't even used up the black ink that came with the printer when I bought it. Please let me know if anyone has found out what the problem is. 



Basically, If YOU do not PRINT everyday.  You are bound to have this issue of ink drying in the printhead.  You will WASTE MOST of your ink trying to correct this issue.  Basically a waste of 200+ dollars.  Should have bought the EPSON?

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