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Pixma 7020 and 110 lb / 298 gsm paper Help, Please


Hi there, 
I am trying to purchase a new printer and wanted advice from fellow Pixma users if possible.  I have scoured Amazon reviews, and countless websites but can't get a solid answer to my questions.

I am looking at the Pixma 7020.

The specs say minimum weight 65 gsm Maximum weight 300 gsm so technically my cardstock will fall in that category.

What I am looking to do is occasionally print on 110 lb 298 gsm cardstock to make business cards and I want to make sure this printer can handle this paper well.

I also want to print pictures my kid has made on photo paper- I'm not looking for artist quality prints, just decent ones.

Is the 2070 a good option for me or is there a better option?

This will be for home use only and not heavy duty.

Thank you in advance and I am grateful for any help 🙂