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PIXMA TS9521C Connection Keeps Dropping


I'm starting to have connection issues with my PIXMA TS9521C.

-It started with printing something and its in the printer queue, its searching for printer...than says offline.

- I check my printer, and its connected to the WiFi.

-I play around, I turn off computer and printer, I even unplug the printer count to 30secs and plug back in.

-That ends up helping me after a few trys of unplugging.

- I go to print something new , same thing happens, can't connect. So I do the same troubleshooting.

- After a while, I get fed up, so i uninstall the software and re-download it and even disconnecting the WiFi waiting a few seconds and plugging it back in.

- That helps and I'm back to printing again. Than I queue up a new job, and its back to searching for connection.

- I don't understand, I've never had this problem, I print frequently with decent size quantities.



Product Expert
Product Expert


Please try disabling the ipv6 setting on your printer to troubleshoot the communication issue. Please click HERE for the steps. 

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Hi Arthur - 

I am having this exact same issue and turning off the ipv6 settings didn't work.  I've tried all of the solutions the OP tried and none of them are working.  Printer is showing 100% wifi strength and connection to my computer, but when I try to print, it just says "printer not responding".  Are there any other things we could try?