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PIXMA TS9520: Magenta Bleed/Magenta Mixing with Black on PDF Prints?


Got this printer as a hand me down, original owner said magenta wouldn't align. I ran a nozzle check and much of the page was missing, printer said to replace all of the ink cartridges. Bought new ink and all the colors appeared fine, but most of the black areas had a hue of magenta, almost looked like it was either mixing or bleeding. Some grey spots also show some grey bleed or smudging, not sure the best way to describe that but noticeable in the "BK" result in the bars. I have attached my nozzle check results as well as a dummy photo I printed where you can see the magenta hue in the text mostly and almost like some ghosting or double printing . I dont think there's a clog but I could be mistaken as well. Printer is on the latest firmware and its currently connected to Wi-Fi. Happens when printing in color or in just black and white. Strangely enough, this also only happens when printing PDF documents or the nozzle check. Image files print perfectly fine. EDIT: The printer has gone through several alignment (auto and manual) and cleaning and deep cleaning procedures with no changes.Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 10.00.56 PM.pngScreenshot 2023-11-16 at 10.02.46 PM.png


My apologies for not noting this in the original post, but the printhead has been aligned several times both automatically and manually as well as several cleanings and deep cleanings. I also tested that second image I have attached and printed as a JPG instead of a PDF and there are no issues in the print. 

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