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PIXMA TS8322 Issues with clogged ink, photo print quality, ink life, etc.


TS8322 - is basically junk

Why do I say this? Well essentialy from day one I have had issues with it.

1. Its still constantly wanting to use the lower cartridge tray. And that's a pain in the butt to get to.

2. Since I rarely print (about twice a month), the heads clog every single time which requires 2 deep cleanings and now the yellow ink just won't clear all the way.

3. Colors are not consistent, after a page or two of lots of color I have to do another deep cleaning to get the quality back.

4. If anyone actually uses this printer for pictures I would be massively impressed. I've never printed any that were worthy of going into a photo album.

5. I get no where near the advertised prints per cartridge... maybe 1/3. I've gone through 2 full reams of paper, and I'm bought ink 7 times.

6. While I got a great deal on buying this printer, I never once was impressed with anything other than its abilty to easily connect to cell phones.

I'm just venting, I loved my laser printer and I'm going back to it. I have no trust of ink jets.