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PIXMA TS6120 printer won't print from cassette tray


I get the message:


"Support Code                        1000


There is no paper in the rear tray.

Check the following, than load paper and select (OK).


-Align paper guides with the paper.


How to clear               OK"


I don't want to print from the rear tray; I want to print from the cassette tray. I do select the cassette paper type yet the message, above, is always the same. Support Code 1000 just tell how to load the cassette tray.


HELP, please




I resolved the problem on my ts705. The rear paper feeder has a back flap which I have folded down. But it also has a smaller flap underneath to hold the paper in. If you keep this flap open then close the back flap agian the printer will ignore the rear feeder and automatically print from the cassette

Doesn't fix problem.  Paper type on device correct.   Doesn't matter. 


I have a Canon TS5120 and had the same problem . When it asks to register paper in the LCD it only shows A4 . If you hit and register and ok then it will always go to the rear tray. When you see A4 there is a blank box below it. Move your down arrow to it and then register the blank box OK. Then all the sizes will come up. Move the arrow up to select Letter. Then register that paper or OK it and it will print from the lower cassette tray. Canon should have an LCD seletion when you select print mode that asks you to print from rear tray or cassette. Better yet they should let you scroll through all paper choices instead of A4 just showing and then select papersize.. Or show  at least Other Sizes in the box below instead of a Blank Box! Who knows to click on a Black Box to register and select other paper sizes. 

Canon is there an answer for this? I feel like throwing this thing against a wall also. Every time a try to print it says rear tray empty when o just want to print to the a4 paper that is loaded in the cassette tray! How to you set a default tray that sticks!

I gave a Kudo to the person who posted this a while ago. This was the solution that worked for me :

Well done that man👍

Still this needs sorting by canon

I am having same problem worked fine for a while and now it will only print from rear … I tried everything suggested in this forum … why is this happening ?


Upon digging deeper into more options on device.  Found media type set to auto. It had photo paper.  I unchecked auto and chose plain paper.  It printed from bottom cassette. 

This is still a problem.  Default to back tray.  I've just wasted over any hour of my day. 

Hello Jac22, hope it's not too late for you. I just had the same thing happen to me and i was digging like crazy truing to figure it out. 
My problem came from Word's own print page setup. Apprently it overrides the printer settings and doesn't care about anything else. Might be worth checking the paper source there

Thanks my problem was due to the word document format I needed to print … I changed the document format to pdf and it printed from front tray