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PIXMA G3270 trouble printing black


G3270 Is typical garbage that can't perform basic functions

Why on earth would printing black on plain paper be something that a printer can not do in 2024? The only way to get black is to adjust the settings to DARK and high contrast then turn off borderless printing and select glossy while using plain paper. And I have only successfully gotten this to work exactly 1 time. 

The printer as with most modern garbage has the ability to print from your phone. But not the ability to perform the most basic function of a printer...printing black as black. I need to print labels and this Devil box will only print the correct and true size in a faded scheme that looks like it has been weathered by years in the sun. 

Tricking it into printing darker requires you to turn off borderless printing. This then adds a huge margin (because everything is apparently a photo) and thus, I can't make the images fit the labels. 

So, unless you only ever want to print bordered photos on glossy paper, avoid this piece of garbage.