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PIXMA TS5320 Not Working Right After Ink Cartridge Replacement


I got a Canon TS5320 Pixma from my mom, it worked perfectly for her. One day it has low-ink info on it, so I changed the carteges. and since then it has not printed well at all. It takes nearly 4-5 hours to print anything, and when it does 90% of the time its blank -- it acts like it is printing really really slowly, but doesn't result in anything. I am not sure what happened or why. I have a MacbookAir. 


Please help. 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi katrinalarose,

First, let's perform a test of your printer.  Please load plain paper into the cassette of your printer and turn your PIXMA TS5320 on.  Once on, please follow these steps:

1.  Press the OK button on your printer one time.

2.  Use the down arrow to select Feed settings and press OK.

3.  Use the down arrow to select Cassette paper settings and press OK.

4.  Press OK again.

5.  On the next screen, an image of the printer will appear.  Below that, you will see the paper size and paper type listed.  The paper should appear as Letter and Plain paper.  If not, please press the down arrow to select Change and press OK.  Select Letter and press OK. 

The button above OK is the Back button.  Repeatedly press the Back button until the main screen appears.

6.  Press OK one time.

7.  Use the down arrow to select Maintenance and press OK.

8.  Press OK on Nozzle Check.

9.  Select Yes and press OK.

10.  Press OK again and the test page will print.

Please compare your printout with the example below.

Does your Nozzle Check print correctly?  In other words, does it match the example below?

MX490 Nozzle Check.jpg









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Thank you for these very helpful and detailed instructions. It did print, but only the first line that you have. none of the colorful lines -- so not C,C,M,M,Y,Y. 

Is there anything more I can do?


I would recommend a nozzle cleaning. Please click HERE for the steps. If the nozzle cleaning does not resolve the issue, click the link on that same page for Deep Cleaning. 

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