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PIXMA TS3522 Destroyed


I bought a Canon TS3522 and that thing has been the biggest piece of crap I have ever seen in my life.  I have bought some cheap junk printers before but this one here isn't fit to be a paperweight let alone a printer. Do not buy this piece of crap You can go get brand new ink for it and take the half full or quarter full cartridges they send with it You can take those out put brand new ink in it and it'll say the cartridges aren't compatible So then you do a million different things you call Cannon some guy answers the phone eating potato chips and giving you a bunch of stuff that doesn't work because he doesn't know the first thing about the printer. So I buy a piece of crap printer and I'm stuck with it now today I finally took a hammer to the piece of junk and it's better in pieces like that than it was whenever it was new..