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PIXMA TR8520 Cartridge Issue/Faded Printing


First of all, I know my TR8520 is out of warranty, I don't want advice on my printer. However, I tried printing yesterday and the black ink was very faded. I knew the ink was low so today I purcachased a set of four new ink cartridges - $53

When I truned the cyan over to install it  some dripped out onto my finger. Never had that happen before. Now I go to install the black, not the XL cartridge, and ink is running all over the place, onto my fingers, and drips onto the floor, but I get it installed. Now I print again and there is no print at all, just blank pages. I tried to copy a piece of paper with blue and black ink - the blue is fine, the black is very light. Powered off and on, made sure the printer settings were not on grayscale and printed again. This time all that printed was a 1 inch long line of garbled black letters near the top of the page and nothing else. Next I tried a test page, only the blue printer top right and "Windows Printer Test Page", in blue, on the upper left.

This is when I made the mistake of calling Canon for help. On my third and foutrth call the automated system hung up on me once I selected tech support. I tried several other numbers which all eventually routed me back to the same automated voice, which then hung up on me.

I finally spoke to someone and explained the problem. The printer may be out of warranty, but the ink is brand new and my question is about the ink cartridge. Only printer tech support can answer any ink questions. 

So, unless I pay for support for this piece of junk printer, I just spent $53 for nothing. 

All I want to do is print my taxes and mail them in. Since today is April 15th I don't expect any answers today that will be beneficial. I don't have time to sit here and monitior this thread for answers. I need to print now, today. 

And before there are any comments about procrastinating, no I did not. The taxes were ready to send in two months ago when I was told a form was not ready yet. Last week it was.

Needless to say, now I'll have to probably go buy another printer and put this piece of trash in the trash. My purchase will also NOT be a canon. Any suggestions on an other brand? And don't say HP!





It sounds like you're experiencing significant frustration with your TR8520 printer, particularly after encountering issues with new ink cartridges. Given the urgency of your situation, it might be worth trying some immediate troubleshooting steps such as performing a thorough cleaning of the printer heads and contacts, ensuring the cartridges are properly installed, and checking for any visible obstructions or damage.

As for alternative printer brands, Epson and Brother are popular choices known for their reliability and quality. Epson's EcoTank printers offer refillable ink tanks, reducing the cost of ink over time. Brother printers are often praised for their durability and cost-effectiveness, especially in office environments.

Ultimately, the decision on a new printer will depend on your specific needs and preferences, but it's understandable that you're seeking a reliable solution given your current frustrations.


Were they Canon OEM cartridges or third-party cartridges?

I had a friend who purchased third-party cartridges for a Pro-100 and experienced leaking.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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