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PIXMA TR4520 Product registration issue


Attempting to register my PIXMA TR4520 series printer, purchased at Amazon and it balks at the serial number. Either Amazon shipped a printer not made for sale in the United States or the algorithm is malfunctioning. I took a photo of the sticker, can read it in enlarged view, even tried using both Zero and capital o. No love.



Hi Mark,

Try this:

Log in or create a My Canon Account if you don't have one.

Register your printer. Use the last 10 digits of the serial number from right to left XXXXXXxxxxxxxxxx

(example the red x's) If registration fails, please check the following: Note, zeros can look like Oh's "0" "O" and vice versa. So if you enter them incorrectly the serial number you are trying to use may be reported as incorrect. If you are confident, you are entering the S/N correctly, you will need to contact support to have your product and serial number properly added. They can also confirm if the number is valid for the country where you purchased.

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Went through that process, neither version worked. Called support but the gatekeeper bot won't let me in until I register the product. Catch 22


Hi Mark-flint

Register your printer at and you'll get access to everything available to you.

Hope this helps!

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Please note my responses above. Canon does not recognize the serial number on my printer. I have submitted it with capital O and the number zero to be sure that wasn't the problem. This essentially locks me out of access to support.

Your printer's serial number should consist of 4 letters followed by 5 numerals (e.g. ABCD12345). If you're unsure about O versus zero, this may help you make that determination. Additionally, while the PIXMA TR4520 may be available in multiple countries, our registration system may filter out serial numbers corresponding to units intended for sale outside the United States.


I did submit the four letter, five number SN that is on my printer (which I ordered through Amazon). That SN was rejected. Canon used to have relatively simple access to support, but I'm stuck with a printer that doesn't work and no access to support. Going to a third party and paying is the only option. Not the kind of customer service that inspires brand loyalty.


I have not seen a viable solution to the issue I raised. Since Canon has erected an impenetrable wall, my only option is to write it off as a loss and find a printer from a company that is has customer service.

The situation is resolved. The printer, purchased through Amazon, was not made for purchase in the United States. (How Amazon allowed that to happen is a sidebar/rabbit hole I won't pursue, but I will be more diligent in checking products going forward.) Amazon is refunding the purchase. I will replace it with a printer from another manufacturer, because Canon customer support is a far cry from what it was when I became a loyal customer. Also, this printer had a lot of issues right out of the box, so Canon product quality is also not what it used to be.


I am having the same problem with a recent printer TR4720 printer. I think I will do the same thing and return to amazon (Amazon and Canon must know of this issue) and purchase an epson printer or HP. From anothre place other than Canon.

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