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PIXMA MX452 Printer / Scanner with Windows 11


I have a MX452 printer / scanner that I bought a number of years ago for home use. My old computers hard drive crashed and I replaced it and the new computer came with Windows 11.  I understand that the MX452 is out of production and there's no support although I've seen from the Cannon site that the driver is compatible with Windows 11.  I've downloaded all the drivers and the printer function seems to work fine.  My problem is that the scanner won't work and the Quick Menu is showing a blank when it comes to the scanner.  I also don't have the old icon that I had with Windows 10 to select the scanner.  BTW, the scanner worked just fine with the old computer and Windows 10 so it's likely not the device itself. Is there a way to get the scanner to work?  I'm not buying the solution (no pun intended) that includes buying a new printer/scanner..