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PIXMA MX410 does not work on Big Sur (“Filter Failed”)

My Pixma printer has been working fine from Yosemite until Catalina (incl). It doesn't work on Big Sur anymore...

This is what I did:

1) Clean install of Big Sur 11.2.3 on a MacBook Pro 2018
2) Add Printer -> My mac can see the MX 410 series printer but doesn't have any driver for it
3) Went to Canon's website, found the printer, downloaded the latest driver (released for Sierra...)
4) Installed the driver (mcpd-mac-mx410-16_10_0_0-ea21_3.dmg)
5) Rebooted MacBook
6) Add Printer -> Select the MX410 printer (Bonjour) - now the MX410 driver has been automatically selected
7) Printer has been added -> great

Whenever I try to print something, I always get the famous 'Filter Failed' error message in the printer’s window.

Any ideas how to solve this?

(I don't want to convert this printer into electrical waste just because of a missing driver)

It printed a basic pdf document so far.  That's all I really need it to on rare occasions so it'll do for me. Not sure if it will do pictures, or anything like that yet but at least I don't have to buy a new one for now. I'm using the most recent MacOS Monterey 12.1 currently.

Exactly, that was what I thought, too 🙂 I will print photos, as well. It doesn't show ink status to me, I can't easily choose B/W printing and other Canon-specific stuff, but it can print documents, web pages and pictures very well.

Thanks for this! The file worked like a charm on Big Sur, for me too!

Boo Canon!

Happy to hear!

Why the f. did SamanthaW from Canon remove my link to a working GutenPrint driver which could have helped may other Canon customers?

Shame on you! This is such a screwed company. I will never every buy any equipment in the future from Canon. You are such a terrible company forcing people to dump their working devices onto a landfill.


Guys from GutenPrint wrote and published an opensource software that can prolong the lifespan of your screwed printers, and yet, the only effort you do, SamantaW, is that you sit on your expensive office chair drinking your coffee and throwing obstacles to your customers. It is *US* the customers who pay for your chair and for your coffee. **bleep** it!!

So annoying, Canon!

Adamsfamily thanks for the information (even if I don't have the link) - with a little searching I found the link on the Apple Support page (AND IT WORKS!)

This was the solution:  Open Source Driver from SourceForge called Gutenprint and it worked like a charm. Just download Gutenprint for free, install the printer and then choose it as the driver in the dropdown menu when adding printers without drivers.

If they delete the link (above) search the information Gutenprint Driver 5.5.3 for canon printers and go to sourceforge and you'll find the drivers for Mac on that page.


Gutenprint 5.3.3 worked for me on a MacBook Pro with the M2 Pro chip running macOS Sonoma version 14.0. Thanks adamsfamily and others for re-posting the links. I agree that official manufacturer drivers should continue to be maintained as long as possible to support older machines, but I also think Apple could have included a generic driver for this (as seems to have been the case through macOS Sierra).

That being said, I appreciate those who created and are maintaining an alternative (Gutenprint). It probably won't be perfect or include all features, but I was successfully able to print a document after installing Gutenprint, adding the printer (CanonMX410 series via Bonjour), then clicking "Auto-Select" for the driver.


I had a “filter” fail error on Canon Image Class MF3010 both trying to print online as well as when downloaded on to my Mac Sonoma 14.2.1 computer. The solution was to Control + click on the name of the file on my computer in Finder, Open With, Change to Mozilla Firefox. It would open and then print.   ..    ..    ..   Then I changed the default PDF viewer on my Mac computer which was Preview. It wasn’t working on my Mac giving me the “filter” error. I Control clicked the name again, clicked Get Info, then scrolled down to Open With and the drop down menu has Default, click that and scroll down to Firefox and make that your default Open With.  Wishing everyone drama-free printing!