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PIXMA MG6620 Text Prints Blurry and Choppy on Windows, OK on Linux


I realize that this is probably a necropost, but here goes:

This Canon MG6620 printer is fine, as far as both hardware and firmware are concerned. The printer drivers for both Windows 10 and Windows 11 seem to be permanently broken for the MG6620. Printing text typically results in blurry, choppy or even non-existent print.

However, I have verified that printing text from OpenOffice Writer in both Debian Linux 11 ("Bullseye") and Linux Mint 21.1 results in perfect printed text output. The text is always crisp and sharp.



Win 11 is new and the drivers may not work for it. Can you go back to Win10?  I have not seen a reason to move to Win11 yet and having my printer not work is a reason not to. Thanks for the post on this.

Hi Irkuta -

The drivers for the MG6620 are also borked in Windows 10, (both Home and Pro versons) - always have been, iirc. Text is typically garbage, or else the printer just spits out blank sheets of paper.

For whatever reason, text is 100% perfect in Linux Mint or Debian. Font, pitch size, typeface ... all perfect. OpenOffice Writer FTW.

So whenever I need to print out text, I'll just boot into Linux Mint 21.1  (dual boot), runs great. I suppose I could set up a VMWare VM in Win10, but that has its own hassles. Too much work.

By the way, the flatbed scanner works perfectly in both Linux & Windows.. I've scanned high res photos at 4800 x 2400 dpi just for kicks, and it always goes off without a hitch (150 MB picture files). But generally I scan at 300 dpi.

Never had any issues with WiFi connectivity (2.4 GHz) or with cloud printing. Anyway, I have it jacked into a switch on my home network, using USB - 100 Mb ethernet adapter.  Several other PCs on my home network (Linux / Windows) connect to it WiFi over the router (Netgear R7000P DD-WRT). 

My only real hassle with this printer is the annoying "Size of paper setting doesn't match paper loaded in tray..." blah blah blah - or whatever it is.

I've had this printer since 2014 and I've done regular maintenance on it the whole time. Every six months or so I've routinely washed out the print head under hot tap water, dried it off with tissue paper, shook it out, and installed it back in the printer, with fresh ink. Done this many times.

I've always - very carefully - cleaned the clear mylar ribbon timing strip, using Q-tips and 70% isopropyl alcohol, and cleaned the black grease / gunk off the track rail right below the timing ribbon. Then I apply a light coat of WD-40 with Q-tips, all along the rail. Printer always works just fine.

Not bad for an 8 year old printer / 8 year old print head.  Well over 5,000 pages printed. I just can't get rid of the thing.

- Trev