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PIXMA MG5220 B200 Error Code


Good morning.  I have a PIXMA MG5220 that I absolutely love.   When printing the other day, the printer went dead (of course, I just bought a new supply of ink!)

Checked the normal things power was good, ink levels were good (just replaced one cartridge that gave the ink refill notice), removed & cleaned the printer head, reset printer.    Everything looked good when I powered up the printer again, until I went to print.   The error message came back.   Any suggestions?   

As this is a retired model, what are the odds of replacing the printer head with a non-OEM compatible unit fixing the problem?





Probability of resolution is extremely low.  You can try removing the inks and print head, then reseating and repowering the device, but in all likelihood the problem will reoccur.  Its a 14 yr old device.  It might be time to replace it.

Canon indicates this error means the printer requires service:

Canon Knowledge Base - LCD Error Messages - MG5220

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Thank you, Rick.   I kind of thought that might be the answer.  Don't want to spend the money for a new print head if it's not going to fix the problem.   I already did the steps you suggested to no avail.  Oh well, I guess all good things must come to an end.   

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