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PIXMA MG3650S Printer wont print gray and misses out borders.


I have a Canon MG3650S printer, and I took it out after not using it for a while. I put in a new ink cartridge and tried printing, however I noticed it would miss gray lines and borders, which I assume were gray. This only happens when I print double sided and the printer prints normally when its single sided.

Here's one of the PDFs I tried printing:

I only have black ink inside of the printer, however I had to put an empty colour cartridge inside, else it wouldn't let me print.

If somebody knows how to fix this, please do let me know.



Can't tell what you think is wrong with what you provided. 

What is it you "assume" is gray? 

Are you printing in color mode or monochrome?  Normal mode or fast/draft mode?

Be aware that even if you are printing in monochrome, the printer wants to use color ink. If there is none, blacks may not have the density they should. 

Last, I can't imagine what single-or-two sided printing has to do with it.


I was assuming the borders were gray in my document, and I am printing in monochrome. I don't have any color ink in the printer, but it'll still print normally single sided. Whats wrong is that it just gets rid of the color gray and keeps everything that is specifically black in double sided mode. 


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