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Help before I lose the one brain cell that I have left after trying to fix this on my own! 

Till now, my PIXMA MG3620 has worked flawlessly. It was fine the last time I used it, then a couple of weeks later I had a document to print and the paper jammed. I cleared the jam out, tried again, and again the paper jammed. I checked for possible pieces of paper under the ink caddy and behind the transporter but found nothing. I replaced the ink cartridges (genuine Canon) and the alignment page jammed. Tried cleaning the rollers, but it jammed as well. I used one sheet of paper in the paper input for those same steps and it too jammed. What happened between the time I last used it and now?


I'm including pics of paper sheets that jammed in the hopes that someone recognizes the pattern of the jams and can come up with something on how to find, access and clear the jam. It appears that the paper jams occur at the top in pretty much the same place, but I can find nothing. As far as I can tell, these sheets did not leave any pieces behind in addition to the initial cause of the jam.

Whoops....unless I'm missing something, it doesn't look as if I'm able to send the photos after all, at least not from within the forum.😢😢


Any and all suggestions will be appreciated so very much!