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I have the Pixma MG 3522 Printer. When I first started using it the clips list for the Easy Web Print Ex came up on the left side of the screen when using internet explorer, every time I got online. I cant remember how I made it stop coming up. I may have disabled the add on. I used the Web Print a couple of times and when I clicked on the clips list it came up on the left side of the screen and everything worked great. Now, a week since I last used Easy Web Print, when I clip like a shipping label for EBAY and click on save to clips list it acts like its being saved and goes back to original state but when I click on clips list the button will turn blue and stay blue but the list never comes up. The button stays blue until I click on it again even if I do other things and come back to it. I checked to see if maybe clips lists opens and just doesnt maximize, down in the task bar. I dont think my internet protection is doing it because the same thing is happening on both of my laptops and they have different brands of protection and were on there already when the clips list was working. I disabled popup blocker and everything else I could think of that mkay be keeping clips list from comeing up. Ive spent 3hrs trhying to figure it out and its drove me crazy. Its probably something really simple but I just cant find a solution and I need to print some shipping labels...yesterday. For the $39 w/o ink that I paid for this printer it is awesome. It will do a lot but the main thing that I purchased it for wont work. Please help me ourt. Thanks

William R. Stone


Hi, cool22!

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Right on Jason. Thanks for the quick response. I have Windows 10. Home version. It was workin and something happened. I've tried on both computers. On one of them the Easy Web Print Ex toolbar was moved out of sight, all the way to the right. It took me a minute to figure out how to move it out to where I could see it. Both of these computers are less than 2 years old and came with Windows 8. I "upgraded" to Windows 10 and some things are a little different. I like to have never got a control panel shortcut moved to my start menu. It took awhile to figure out how to get to the control panel without doing a search. Right click on the start menu Icon. Im sure my issue with the clip list is so simple that I will feel stupid when find out what's up. Anyway, Thanks for the 411.

William R. Stone



Instewad of using Easy-WebPrint, try using the Print option in your web browser itself.  Check to see if a "print" option is inside or around the article you wish to print.  This should properly format the page for printing.


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Thank you for the potential fix. That Easy Web Print Is hard to beat. I tried internet explorer and Google Chrome and neither worked very good. The page is from USPS and right clicking while on the page doesnt do anything.I have to use the F12 Developer deal to get it off the page and and moved to somewhere I can edit it. I really cant remember what I did but it wasnt copy/paste. Anyway, I went to Canon. com an re-downloaded the drivers and Easy Web Print EX worked again. It worked and then stopped working. I have no idea what changed to make it stop working. I am really glad that its back going again. That is a great add-on. Thank You very much for your input.

William R. Stone