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PIXMA G7020 - help scanning documents by pressing the scan button (not connected to a computer)



I have a PIXMA G7020 printer. The printer is connected on LAN network and is in a different room than my computer. The printer is upstairs, my computer is downstairs. I can print documents from my computer or my iPhone, but am having issues scanning documents.

When I want to scan a document, I can go downstairs to my computer and control the scanner. I can use my iPhone to start the scan with the Canon Print app. However, when I am upstairs and simply want to press the scan button on my scanner to scan a document, it does not work. When I press the scan button the screen shows Scan Mode (LAN), Scan Local (USB). 

Is there a way to actually press the scan button and get the scanner to scan and save the documents to a default location without the printer/scanner being connected to my computer?




Do you have the "IJ scan utility"? you can wirelessly start scans from your computer and have the scans sent to your computer.

I had the same question. My old MG6100 was able to print from/scan to a usb thumb drive, which was handy. I thought the usb port on this computer would work with usb drives, but it is a usb-b printer-type usb connection that doesn't take usb thumb drives. I found a cable to convert the usb-b port to a normal female usb 2.0 connection and can plug the usb drive into it, but the printer won't access it at all. The only point of the g7020 USB port is to run the appropriate cable from printer to your computer. If you had the cable between your computer and printer, or the ij scan utility, it would work, otherwise I think the answer to your question is "no", unfortunately - but I may be wrong (hopefully).

or maybe you could get a bluetooth adapter to work on the printer's usb port and connect w/ BT

I do have the IJ scan utility. I can scan from my computer (downstairs) and the iPhone canon print app. Scanning from the computer is impractical, unless it is a one page document. I guess I will just have to you the print app, to scan. At least I can use it while I am beside the printer, as I put in additional pages.

Hi balderic,

Please go to your PIXMA G7020 and follow these steps:

1.  Please turn on your PIXMA G7020 and press the Scan button on your printer.


2.  Press the MENU button one time.


3.  Scan menu/Save to will appear.  Press OK.


4.  Select computer will appear.  Use the right arrow to select Search again and press OK.


5.  Using the arrow keys, select the computer that you wish to save the scan to and press OK.




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Hi Patrick, 

I followed your steps when I am at the select computer - search again option, I press the okay button. It says, "please wait momentarily" and two second later returns to Select computer - local (USB) >. I do not have a computer plugged in to my scanner, but I do have a LAN line plugged in. Will the printer/scanner find my computer if it isn't plugged in with a USB-B cable?

Following your instructions exactly, the laptop computer I want to scan to does not show up on the menu selections. I have searched repeatedly. One wifi-connected laptop DOES show up there, but not the one I want to use. I can set the paper to be scanned in the ADF, walk back upstairs (yes, me too) and scan from the IJ Scan Utility, and it works perfectly according to the settings in the Utility. Then I can walk back downstairs, pick up my original from the printer and walk back upstairs. Grrrr!

So, obviously, the laptop and the printer are communicating with one another. It's just the printer won't show that laptop as a selection. I have even stopped my VPN on the laptop and made sure it was connected to the same SSID on the Access Point the printer is connected to. I even shut off the printer and rebooted it. Still no dice. It's just the d@mn printer. Makes me want to strangle someone sometimes.


If you downloaded the software for the printer, it comes with the application called IJ SCAN UTILITY. Go into where your files are kept, go to the folder CANON, then in IJ SCAN UTILITY, go into that, scroll down til you see SCANUTILITY, right click, send to desktop, then go to your desktop and open it. Wha La. 


This may seem silly but did you press the color or b&w start button?

Not silly, lol. That's what I needed. Q- how now to get it to scan both sides? and how to tell it where to save the scan as a default?

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