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PIXMA G7020 Printhead Misalignment and Magenta Tint


If anyone could help out it would be amazing. I just got a used Canon G7020 from a local repair shop and it seems that I cannot get the print head aligned properly. There is also a magenta tint when I print photos and a magenta shadow when I print text. I've read that it could be a dirty nozzle, but the nozzle test seems fine. I've been researching trying to find answers for hours and I'm coming up empty handed. I attached a link to a Color Printer test page that I printed. Thank you!

Printer Test.pdf


Product Expert
Product Expert


Does an error appear when you try then alignment? If so, what is the error code? Also, please let us know what version of Windows or MacOS you are running.

 We look forward to your reply. 

No error code appears and I'm using windows 10. Thank you!


Please use the steps HERE to print a nozzle check from the printer. Once it prints, please take a picture and attach it to your reply. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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