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PIXMA G4210 Draining Ink Tank Erroneously Filled


PIXMA G4210 experience, 5 year old model — My wife was struck with unexplained "brain cramp'; incorrectly filled Yellow Tank with Magenta ink; she fortunately realized error before printing anew!?
Canon Support (ALL CANON PHONE NUMBERS) was rude, non-existent, refused to talk with me (at ANY price); insisted that product was "not registered', although the product clearly shows it IS properly registered in my online account!? Absolutely TERRIBLE customer support; NO customer "concern"!
By probing the ink tank, I determined that an opening to bottom of tank was @ 'nearest left corner' (from front of printer) of tank (i.e., not straight in).
Purchased Amazon 6 Pcs Blunt Tip Dispensing Needle 14 Gauge x 5" with 3 Pcs 30ml Disposable Syringe (total $9). Worked perfectly; extracted 50ml+ of ink easily.
Ran some 'Deep Cleaning'; printed several pages of solid yellow file; refilled yellow tank after it ran dry; everything appears to be fine!

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