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PIXMA G7020 Will Not Scan - No Fixes Work


I've seen this issue reported both here and around the web.  This is a continuing problem for a number of users and the fixes recommended by both Canon Support and other users will not resolve my issue. This printer is very new - purchased in early March.  Now, I have resolved my issue by not using the Canon scanner driver at all - basically, I just spent $50 on third-party software so I can scan without returning this printer and ordering something else.

For comparison sake, I am running Windows 10 Pro 22H2 and am connected via USB.  The printer works well (for printing) but would not scan. The error code 2,156,50 appeared after every attempt, indicating a connection failure.  Since I was able to print, receive diagnostics and the printer was detected properly in the Windows Device Manager this was unequivocally incorrect.   Following the Support guides (and user recommendations) I removed the drivers and reinstalled them 5 times.  The scanner failed to run every time.

After purchasing and installing ViewScan software I was able to scan instantly.  So, Canon, I'm hoping that this is still a good printer and will not return it at this time, but you need to replace/repair the scanner driver ASAP!  The fact that this issue has been reported by many and your scanner driver is still bad indicates that you are either incompetent or you just don't care.  I own a number of your products and love them, so I'm am not ready to write you off yet.

For those of you that are still suffering from this malady or are considering this printer, consider what 3rd party scanner software you might use, as the problem is not with the printer.




Except for telling us you uninstalled and reinstalled drivers and purchased VueScsn, we don't know what other steps you might have performed in an attempt to solve your issue. 

Canon has millions of printers in service..  I own 2 myself but both are working.  For individual use, USB is pretty reliable 

USB is not my choice since I like the flexibility and convenience of printing from any device that visits my home.  I've also helped quite a few people.who visit here resolve their printing or scanning issues. Others have as well.  I can't offer more as the information you provided is limited, but I'm happy you have a solution even if it involved a 3rd party softwate in this case.  If you do need assistance please feel free to post again.  We'll do our best and try to help.

Bay Area - CA

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Hi Rick,

I appreciate your comments.  Well, there are only so many things you can do when something like this fails (I am an experienced professional in computing, photography and video).  I also own other Canon products such as cameras, lenses and other printers, including the Pro-10.

In this case the only remedy from Canon was the same thing (remove the software and reinstall), so...

  • Following their guidance, I did so.  To make certain, I did it 5 times
  • Here in the forums (outside of persons having connectivity issues, whether WiFi or other) the advice given was the same.
  • As stated, I verified connectivity (successful printing and Windows verification).
  • The only possibilities remaining were a bad printer, bad software or both.
  • I first tested the 3rd party software to make certain and the scanner responded on the 1st attempt - only then did I purchase it.  The sad thing is, I shouldn't have to purchase other software.

Even though I connect via USB it is also connected to my router - this allows my wife to print from her laptop via WiFi.  I have also successfully printed from my smart phone.



I thought I should update everyone on this situation.  I was originally going to return this printer to Canon after all of the issues, but decided to keep going after successfully scanning with a 3rd party program.  However, I should mention that there were other issues with the software (drivers and apps) from the get-go.  After multiple uninstall/reinstall cycles of the drivers and programs (the ONLY solution offered by tech support and all forum postings outside of checking connections and restarting) I can say that none of the reinstalls even successfully finished - all of the installs froze and never completed the last step (these were all attempts to reinstall with USB connection).

Even though the package installs failed, the PC was able to communicate properly with the printer and I was able to print.  However, the scanning program (IJ Scan Utility/Scangear) never functioned, as noted in the original post.  I resolved this with the 3rd party software.

Yesterday, communication with the printer was lost and I wasn't able to print.  All attempts to reinitiate failed (USB disconnect/reconnect/PC reboot/uninstall-reinstall of drivers, etc.)  It occurred to me that this printer also had Ethernet connectivity, so I reset it to Ethernet operations and ran a short cable to my router.  This time when I installed the driver/MP package, everything worked!  It finished the installation - not only does it print well, now even Scangear works.

It looks like the driver package for this printer has some major faults with USB operations (I have no use for the WiFi setup as my workstation doesn't use WiFi).  Unless Canon fixes the drivers I can't recommend this printer for USB operations.  I see that a lot of people also had difficulty in setting up for WiFi.  However, if you have a good Ethernet router or setup, you may find this AIO printer is a decent choice.