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I have the 5B00 error.  I have done much internet research and cannot find out to remove this error. I have already cleaned the ink absorber and understand I need to reset the ink absorber counter to zero. I can put my printer into service mode but none of the internet suggestions on how to zero out the counter work. I do not have the Service Tool software as I saw that on YouTube was one way to do a software reset. I cannot find this software from a secure, reputable internet source to download either. Hence, why I was trying to do a hardware reset.  This printer was purchase in October of 2011 and has worked great.  However, I am very unhappy the Canon is locking me out of my printer simply because of a memory counter clock. There is nothing wrong with my printer. All the hardware works great. I simply cannot use it because of this ink counter.  Canon, I do not understand why you are forcing me to throw away this printer simply because of this ink absorber counter.  If ultimately that is what I have to do, then you can be assured my next printer is not going to be a Canon.



The ink absorber is not a user serviceable part.


While its possible to remove, replace or clean, its not something that was ever intended to be is done by the end user.  


The service tool is likely available for download online, but not from Canon because of the above.  You may be able to find a solution by searching Google.


One thing to consider.  The printer is 9 yrs old.  Excluding ink, the cost of ownership was less than $2 a month.


You've probably got your money's worth over the course of its useful life.  



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Thank you, Rick, for your reply.


Yes, I was able to clean the ink absorber. I figured out how to take it out and clean the whole assembly.


Yes, the printer has been a good printer. I liked it very much.  I am just old fashion in that why replace something that is still in very good working order. All I need is to reset the counter to zero and the printer is good to go.


I have Googled for the Service Tool software but the websites that have it are in Russia or elsewhere and my security system says these websites have been deemed malicious. The other problem is ascertaining which Service Tool version is appropriate for the PIXMA MX882. The ones I have seen do not list MX882.


I do not believe Epson, Brother, or HP have this absorber ink counter issue which is my point about Canon. In that regard, I am paying a lot for a 5 ink system for a printer that is now locked out because of a pre-programmed ink absorber counter clock.  Canon ink cartridges are not cheap as compared to Epson and HP.  So if the cost is the issue and I what to maximize longevity then I am puzzled by the business practice that Canon is employing here. My wife's printer is HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 and it is still doing quite well.


I just thought I would give getting my MX882 to work one more try.  Oh, well, you are probably right. Time to move on. Cannot use the printer now and I need one for my home office.