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PIXEMA G6020 - "Printing" issues


I have a PIXEMA G6020 connected via WiFi.  We have several PCs connected to the home network that use the printer. Ink levels are about 80+ or higher.



Regardless of the computer being used, when a print job is sent to the printer its display says "Printing" but nothing happens.  If I press the power button to turn it off the display says, "Ending. Please wait momentarily." but does not turn off.  When I unplug the printer for 60 seconds, replug it in, and turn it on, then the printer prints the job and the display says "Printing" and never goes back to an idle state.  I have to unplug it or wait till it goes to sleep to get it back to an idle state.  Then if I send a new print job the issue starts all over.


Per some other posts I have tried the following to fix the problem:

  • Reset via unplugging for 60 seconds
  • Updating the firmware (it is up to date)
  • Resetting the device's settings
  • Reconnecting to the WiFi network

Nothing seems to fix the problem permanently.  What are the next steps?


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