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PGBK double print every few lines and NO fix for it


Canon should be ashamed for this issue. Just searching the problem it shows up on many different models of printer and the problem is always the same. Tech support will have you waste a ton of time performing the same text book procedures that they know darn well wont solve the problem. I'm going to take a guess and say that, if you dig deep enough, you'll find that most printers with this issue are not using genuine Canon ink cartridges. My printer has worked flawlessly for years until I performed a firmware upgrade. No thanks to Canon, rolling back the firmware or installing an older version is not possible. You want me to do a print head alignment? Ok. No fix. Clean the cartridges? No fix. Clean the encoder strip? No fix.Of course none of these issues solve the problem....if these things were the cause, ALL of the text would be affected; it would not print three lines of text perfectly then three lines of double print and it would affect all colors, not just PGBK. You cant tell me this isnt a firmware issue. Guess what? Im buying a new printer and it wont be a Canon.