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No Color Options for PIXMA TR8520 (Mac)

I’m still getting used to a Mac after being a lifelong Windows user, so please forgive my lack of knowledge about my own computer.

I am running macOS Catalina 10.15.5 on a new iMac I recently purchased. I successfully set up and used my TR8520 printer, but the color was waaay too faint for my purposes.

On my old computer I could use the Color Options menu to adjust the color levels, intensity, and contrast but I don’t have that option on my Mac. Though the Canon website said no drivers were necessary to install, I installed the software package anyway and tried setting up the printer again via the software. The setup was successful but didn’t solve the Color Options problem, so I did more research and found one forum post that suggested the problem was leaving “Use: AirPrint” selected during the setup, which I had indeed done. I started over so that I could select an alternate option for “Use:” but AirPrint and Secure AirPrint are my only options. When I click “Select Software,” I’m given a list of Dymo, Epson, HP softwares to select (none of which I have), but no Canon software is listed.

I don’t even know if the AirPrint selection is the problem, it’s just the only suggestion I’ve found so far. Any help would be much appreciated!