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My TR8520 "prints" out only blank papers (brand new inks) no matter what I do.


only 3 years old TR8520. it first stopped ADF copying from mid 2021, now it prints out only Blank Papers while everything else works - it scans, faxes, but when it prints it prints only blanks. It is not the ink because I installed a new set inks of all needed colors recently. Is it something wrong with the needle like disconnected needles? what shall I do?



I am having the same issue.  After spending time with customer support they determined that my printer probably has an issue that would be too expensive to repair and connected to the department that offers replacement printer at a 10% discount.  I am not inclined to purchase another Canon at this point and am looking at Epson and HP.

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi RChu,

Please load letter-sized paper in the cassette of your PIXMA TR8520 and follow these steps:

1.  Please tap the gear at the bottom of the display of your PIXMA TR8520

2.  Tap Maintenance

3.  Tap Print nozzle check pattern and then tap Yes

A test page will print.

Does your printout match the example below?

Does a black grid print to the right of |PGBK| ?

Is the grid complete? or are there missing boxes within the grid?

Below that, did 2 blue, 2 pink, 1 yellow and 1 gray bars print?







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thank you, Patrick, but 1) I trued the nuzzle test several time among other trials; 2) too late now, I packed the 8520 and bought another Canon models. and that is an on-going ordeal of its own...

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