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Mx432 print quality is streaky and very misaligned.


I've run the deep cleaning, nozzle check and head alignment multiple times.  New ink is also in the machine.  The printer started messing up all of a sudden.  The printer is less than 6 months old.








Hello jstprnt,


Since you have performed multiple cleanings and print head alignments, as well as have replaced the ink in the printer and are still experiencing the same issue, it is possible that the printer will require servicing to resolve the issue.  We ask that you please use the Contact Us link below to contact our technical support team to determine if the printer will require servicing, and obtain servicing options as needed.


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My printer suddenly started printing badly.


Was misaligned. When I looked in the door where you change the cartridge I noticed some grease

spots on the track and on what appears to be a plastic ribbon that the carriage runs on. I cleaned

the grease spots off and the printer is working perfectly now.


The carriage was making like a pause as it slid from side to side. I think the grease was causing it

to stick as it went by.


good luck

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