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MX925 - printing on optical disc (CD, DVD, bluray) - software?




I remember that my previous Canon printer which could print on printable optical discs came with a software for this purpose.


Now I've been using a MX925 for a few months, but didn't print on any optical discs so far. My problem:


It seems the present model didn't come with a software for this purpose.


The digital manual states the unprintable borders at the outer rim of the discs as well as around the central hole and it also explains how to load discs, but then I can only find information regarding the option to copy an existing discs' label from the scanner to a printable disc.


I'd like to store my own work data, for which there are no 'originals' and so I'd like to create my own labels. How would I do that? I thought about using 3rd party software, but I'm afraid it might end up printing somewhere else on the disc tray and possibly causing problems in the printer.


I'd be grateful for any kind of advice!






It may be approx. two years but I have a MX925 and decided I needed to print a CD and so far I've naught about this matter.

Anyone at Canon like to reply?

BC Cowell


For everyone who might still have that problem: I ultimately found it. (Quite a long time ago. Sorry for not updating my thread.)


It's within "My Image Garden". The steps to get to label printing within that software are:


Create or Open Items --> Disc Label


 So after spending 30 minutes perusing  YouTube found this guy who'd made this video and watched that a) I have the required tray and b) how to print it.

So why didn't Canon have something in the FAQs?

Now why after a year have I not been able get the FAX to be compatible with my PABX?

And yes I'vew spoken to their Help Desk,

Never had the issue in twenty years of using them!

Honestly they don't deserve the biz