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MX922 won't allow 2-sided high quality printing on photo paper


error message is:  

The Two-Sided option, Long-Edge binding, is not available when Media Type is set to Matte Photo Paper.


I can print 2-sided on Plain Paper in high quality (which isn't really high quality), but selecting 2-sided, high quality and any other paper type results in the above error message.  I'm working on a Mac, but I think this is a printer issue.  I was able to do this before, but it was a long time ago and I don't remember how I did it! 


Any suggestions?



Hi kathy32199,


I'm afraid that two-sided printing is not supported for any photo paper.  The option for two-sided will be grayed-out if anything other than "Plain Paper" is selected.  I regret any inconvenience.


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I got a MX922 two days ago to replace ar recently deceased 10 year old IP4300. It is up and running but I too could not print on 2 sided brochure paper. Two sided printing is only on plain paper? I could lie to the printer but I don’t think I would be satisfied with the prints

It also does not have an auto on and off function. 

These lacks were not pointed out when I decided to go with the MX922. In fact the sales person harped on and on about the 2 sided printing. The prints are great but having to flip the photo paper is a hardship I don’t need.

The lack of an auto on and off function makes the wireless mode next to useless for me. I cannot have someone running in to turn the printer on for mobile print jobs.

I have a Pro 100. It too does not do 2 sided printing but the IP4300 did and I kept it connected to my always on PC. I had wireless mobility and 2 sided, printing on all the paper media I use.

I will probably take this MX922 back and find something that has the additional functions I need/want.

I’m looking for a model near the same price range with as good prints.


Just got back and saw these.

You are correct.This is a printer issue. My now defunct IP4300 printed, when selected, on both sides of any paper loaded and did so from both trays.

I got around the 'no 2 sided photo printing' issue by telling the MX922 it was plain paper. I loaded two sided photo paper into the bottom tray, set ithe MX922 for high quality and got excellent prints. I also get good prints when set to not set to high quality. I use HP 2 sided photo brochure paper but any 2 sided paper can be used. Just lie to the printer.