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MX920 just prints half a page of picture


Hello all,

As the title of my post says my mx920 just prints half of all pictures I'm trying to print.

It scans and copys and prints text with no issue, I did all the maintenance on the printer installed new print cartridges

still the same issue. Attached is a scan from a head alignment printout Or was nozzle cleaning I'm not sure now.

Anyway anybody has any ideas???


Thank YouScan_20210327.png




For our benefit, can you tell us what operating system and build you are using the printer with?


Do other images print correctly, or is it just one you have an issue with?

Bay Area - CA

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Thank you for your reply. I'm using WIN10 Pro Edition and when I use the copy function I have no issues also scanning works fine. When I print word documents with images they print fine too. It's just photo printing I have issues with.

If you print from a word document in simplex (single sided), does it work or does it only print partial?



When I paste a picture or image in a word document it prints fine, the whole image and all the text too.

Hi rakall,


This printing issue is related to the installation of one of the latest updates from Microsoft.


To resolve this, please use Windows Update to update Windows, making sure that KB5001567 and KB5001649 are installed.






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Thank You for your reply, I'll look into that.


Thanks again!


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