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MX882 printer not printing some lines


My MX882 started to print every fifth line very lightly or not at all.  It has gotten worse so that maybe every fifth line is printed OK. This only happens when I print from my laptops (I have two). If I make a copy of a printed sheet at the copier, the copy is fine and complete.


Both laptops (one running Windows 8.1 and the other Windows XP) have the very latest Cannon drivers and software downloaded from the Cannon site.  All ink cartriges are at least half full and I changed both black cartriges in case one was not dispensing.  I have also run the various cleaning programs (regular and deep cleaning) but because the direct copy prints OK, I have discounted a dirty printer head  I think.


Any ideas? I have less that 100 copies on the machine.  Thanks




Rising Star

Hi SteveM,


The best way to find out what is occurring is to perform a Nozzle Check.  Please perform the following to print a Nozzle Check pattern:


 1.  Make sure that the machine is turned on, then load a sheet of A4 or Letter-sized plain paper in the Auto Sheet Feeder.


 2.  Open the Paper Output Tray and then open the Output Tray Extension.


 3.  To print the nozzle check pattern:


     a.  Press the Setup button.


     b.  Select Maintenance, then press the OK button.  The Maintenance screen is displayed.


     c.  Select Print nozzle check pattern and then press the OK button.  The pattern print confirmation screen is displayed.


     d.  Select Yes and then press the OK button.


The nozzle check pattern is printed and the pattern confirmation screens are displayed alternately.


Examine the nozzle check pattern on the LCD of your PIXMA MX882 and you can also compare it to the following example:



Check the pattern to see if any lines are missing. 


If any of these bars or patterns are missing, you have done the recommended troubleshooting with the cleaning and deep cleaning options.  Please reach out to us at for further support.



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