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MX870 Printer with B200 error


I have a 2 year old MX870 and received a B200 error.  Nothing I have tried (per the troubleshooting guide) has worked.



Hi poslushny,


Since you continue to get the B200 error even after following the steps recommended in the troubleshooting guide, the printer will require servicing to resolve the issue.  Please click on the Contact Us link below to obtain your servicing options.


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Thank you for your response.  I have purchased a new printer, from Epson.


I have a MX870 printer that is displaying a B200 error message. This is the second time it have happend and the fix the first time was to replace the print head. This time I removed the print catrigages and clean the print head. I then installed new ink catrigages. When I restated the printer I got the same error.


This B200 error online had two suggestions to fixes, one was the print head, and the other was a voltage problem with the power supply. Does anyone have an idea of what will solve this issue?