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MX492: MACBook OS 12.7: Canon MX492 will not print B/W only.


Canon MX492 not printing consistent with MacBook Dialogue box. Continues to print in color. Previous documents, no longer in dialogue box, printed by printer. 

Downloaded 2023 Monterey OS 12.7 drivers: both print and scan drivers. Removed/re-installed printer after. Still no luck.

Is there a setting ON THE PRINTER to enable b/w printing? Can't find any note on this in online community. Or what else is the problem?

Thank you.

P.S. Disgusted with Canon inability to sync with MacBook print settings every time there is an OS update...will not purchase again.






Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Phold! Thanks for posting in the Canon Community Forum. I see that you have a Mac computer that is running macOS Monterey Ver. 12.7 and you are unable to print in black only with your Canon PIXMA MX492.


If you haven’t done so, please visit the following website and download the MX490 series CUPS Printer Driver Ver.

To find the CUPS Printer Driver, you’ll need to click on SOFTWARE & DRIVERS to the right of the picture of your printer. Then, look for the Operating System and Version under the Downloads section and make sure that they are set to Mac/ macOS Monterey v12. Then, you’ll be able to click on the DOWNLOAD button to the right of the CUPS Printer Driver (first option listed).

Once the file downloads, please open the file. Then, double-click on the symbol that looks like a cardboard box. After that, you can follow the instructions that pop up to install the printer driver.


After you install the driver (or if you have already installed the driver), you will need to add a new copy of the printer to your computer’s Printers & Scanners window. To open that window, click on the Apple icon (top left corner of scree) and select SYSTEM PREFERENCES. Then, click on the Printers & Scanners option. If you are using a USB cable to connect the printer to your computer, please disconnect that cable before proceeding to the next paragraph.


When the Printers & Scanners window opens, you’ll see the current copy of your printer on the left side. You’ll need to delete it by clicking on it and then clicking on the MINUS (-) button on the left or under the box that shows the printer’s list. Once the printer is deleted, you’ll need to add a new copy. If you want a USB connection, a new copy should automatically pop up after you reconnect the USB cable.


If the printer is connected to your Wi-Fi network, please click on the PLUS (+) button. When the Add printer appears, please click on the Canon IJ Network version of the printer. If that doesn’t pop up, you can select the Bonjour version, but please make sure that you see MX490 series in the box marked USE before you click on ADD.


Once a new copy of the printer is added, please follow the instructions in the following online article to set the Ink Cartridge Setting to BLACK ONLY:


Once the Ink Cartridge Setting is set to BLACK ONLY, the printer will use the black cartridge whenever you print. If you ever want to print in color again, you will need to go back to the Ink Cartridge Setting and change it to use both cartridges (black and color).


The MX492 does require the use of drivers (for full functionality). I can understand the frustration of needing to install a driver when you upgrade your operating system. This is something that needed to be done with older models.


Our newer models don’t require printer drivers. They are AirPrint compatible and can use the AirPrint options built-into the newer Mac computers.


I hope this information helps. Thanks for choosing Canon.

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